A Million Intentions and Two Years Later

We, the Pliant Solutions team, are beginning this blog with a little relief, a little angst, and a lot of humility.
…and a deep exhale.

For over two years we’ve intended to create this blog, and now we’re finally transitioning from conceptualization to the almighty DOING.

I often have bright moments of insight, though usually at the most inopportune times. The other day my moment of genius came while walking to work with lunch in one hand, coffee in the other, and two laptops slung across my shoulder. I sped up to the 5th floor, blazed down the hallway to my desk, then…NOTHING. Fingers twitching, mind racing, the blank document stared back at me. So I’m starting simply with this:

On behalf of Pliant Solutions, I’d like to start of with an informal agreement with those that choose to read casually or devotedly follow this blog. Our desire is to make this platform a living social experiment of sharing, collaborating, and challenging thoughts, as opposed to being a billboard for what we think we know. We ask you, the reader, to be open to the ideas and experiences we will share, and more importantly, have the courage to challenge, contribute, and share your own. Seek to understand and support the thread, unless of course, you feel we’re dead wrong, then feel free to call us out–just allow the community to understand your perspective.

(Another aha! right now!) I ask you this: How many perspectives can we explore without the need to shatter someone else’s lens?

I feel most communities struggle with this, be it family, politics, agile, and even in the mindfulness circles I have participated in. Here, in this blog, we won’t claim to be right (or wrong), but will  be willing to express our views and be enlightened by YOURS!

Thank you for reading this. We look forward to learning from this great experiment and hearing from those that choose to engage with our community.


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